Waterproof Surface Membrane

STOPGAP F78 is a solvent free, one component, ready to use system which dries rapidly to provide a waterproof surface membrane. STOPGAP F78 impedes the passage of residual construction moisture from affecting subsequent floorcovering installations, therefore allowing early installation of floorcoverings.

Key benefits:

  • Use up to 95% RH – two coat application
  • Short waiting time

Location: Internal
Substrates: Absorbent Concrete and Screeds.
Floor Coverings: PVC, vinyl and timber flooring
Coverage: 60m2
Packaging: 18kg
Consumption: 0.3 kg/m2 per coat.

  • Absorbent Concrete and Screeds – Neat
  • Low/ non absorbent or finished screeds with a tight surface – dilute 1 to 1 with water

Working Time: 30 mins
Time to foot traffic: 30 mins
Ready to receive Adhesive / Compounds :

  • Between each coat: 30 mins (20°C).
  • Apply Screeds and Polyurethane adhesive – 1 hours – 12 hours.

Application: Roller

Floor Prep Calculator

Coverage may differ depending on the application method, substrate condition, and on-site factors.
The information provided below is intended solely as a guide.
For more detailed information, please consult the product datasheet.