Engineered wood adhesive

One-component, solvent free, sililated polymer based adhesive with a very low emission level of volatile organic compounds (EMICODE EC1 R Plus), for all types of parquet

Key Benefits:

  • High bond strength
  • Easy to apply
  • Low VOC

Colour: Brown


  • Absorbent Concrete and Screeds.
  • Non – absorbent Concrete.
  • Timber Floor
  • waterproof surface membranes 1K Turbo

Floor Coverings:

  • Bonding wooden parquet

Coverage: 1000g/m2 with a B11 trowel
Packaging: 21kg
Emicode: EC1 R Plus – very low emission
Waiting Time: Floor coverings can be applied immediately
Open Time: 50-60mins
Dry Time:

  • Light foot traffic after 12 Hours
  • Full use after 72 hours

Application: Trowel : 6mm V notch, B11.

Adhesive Calculator

Coverage may differ depending on the application method, substrate condition, and on-site factors.
The information provided below is intended solely as a guide.
For more detailed information, please consult the product datasheet.