Universal Textile Flooring Adhesive

High initial grab and long open time adhesive, suitable for bonding textile |oor coverings with all types of backing materials (jute, polypropylene, Action-Bac ® , woven, latex, foam, needle-punched, etc.) and needle-punches on all kinds of internal, absorbent substrates, stable in the presence of humidity.

Key Benefits:

  • High initial grab
  • long open time
  • Solvent Free

Colour: Light beige
Substrates: Absorbent Concrete and Screeds
Floor Coverings:

  • Textile floor coverings with common backing materials (jute, polypropylene, Action-Bac , woven, latex, foam, needle-punched).

Coverage: 40m2
Packaging: 14kg
Emicode: EC1 Plus – very low emission.
Waiting Time: 10 mins
Open Time: 20-30mins
Dry Time: Full use after 24-48 Hours
Application: Trowel : V2

Adhesive Calculator

Coverage may differ depending on the application method, substrate condition, and on-site factors.
The information provided below is intended solely as a guide.
For more detailed information, please consult the product datasheet.