Hardening Self-levelling Compound

Ultraplan Eco can be spread in thicknesses up to 10 mm per coat without shrinkage, cracking or crazing, and develops very high compressive and flexural strength, as well as resistance to indentation and abrasion.

Key benefits:

  • Low emissions of volatile organic compounds
  • Suitable for hand or pump application

Location: Internal

Substrates: New or existing substrates, preparing them to receive any type of floor covering where an excellent resistance to loads and traffic is needed.

Floor Coverings: Vinyl, ceramic, Carpet and wood flooring

Application thickness:

  • 3-10mm
  • Minimum of 3 mm before the installation of timber floors

Coverage: 4.1m2 at 3mm
Emicode: EMICODE EC1 Plus
Packaging: 20kg
Consumption: 1.6 kg/m2
Mixing: 4.6 – 4.8L of water per bag
Working Time: 20 mins
Time to foot traffic: 3 Hours
Ready to receive flooring: 12 – 24 Hours
Application: Hand or pump application

Floor Prep Calculator

Coverage may differ depending on the application method, substrate condition, and on-site factors.
The information provided below is intended solely as a guide.
For more detailed information, please consult the product datasheet.