Coastal Range

Urban Collection's Coastal Range provides an affordable and high-quality carpet solution, perfectly suited for entry-level flooring requirements.


Our Solution dyed nylon carpets are
designed to sustain high foot traffic.

At Urban Collection, our solution-dyed nylon carpets are crafted with a high stitch rate, ensuring exceptional quality and durability. Additionally, our carpets feature a high twist rate per meter, which enhances their ability to resist changes and retains their aesthetic appeal even in busy areas. With our solution-dyed nylon carpets, you can trust that you’re investing in a carpet that is built to last.


Engineered for
New Zealand’s environment.

Our carpets are engineered to withstand the harsh UV sunlight in New Zealand. Using premium materials and leading technology, we ensure that our carpets enhance any space they’re installed in. The colours of our carpets are deeply embedded in the core fibres, offering excellent colour retention and resistance to fading. We understand that carpets face various hazards, which is why our Urban Collection carpets are designed with durability in mind. With minimal regular maintenance, your carpets will maintain their fresh appearance for years to come.